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    Site Rules


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    Site Rules

    Post by Sora on Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:18 am

    The simplest way to earn our respect here on Fairy Tail Galaxy is to follow the rules. Not only that, but by following the rules, you will surely have the best experience on this site, so please consider the following:

    Chatbox Rules:

    NOTE: CB is just another way of saying Chatbox, for those who are unfamiliar with the term.

    • Language- Our default language on this site is English. Please do not speak any other language than English in the CB. Instead, if you know that there is somebody like you who speaks a language other than English, feel free to send them a private message or talk to them elsewhere. This is to prevent any confusion on our site.

    • Arguing- Here on FT Galaxy, we do not allow heated arguments to run along our chatbox. If unfamiliar with this term, a heated argument is a disagreement that can lead to very immature behaviour such as insults or other unnecessary remarks. The moment a heated argument begins, we encourage a member to try and stop it. If there is evidence of a heated argument that was attempted to be put at a halt by an outsider, if a participant(s) continue onwards regardless, punishments will be given.

    • Pestering- Do not grab a staff member's attention while in the chatbox just to get a thread checked. There will be a thread made for you to post the content you wish to have checked by a staff member.

    • Spamming- Spamming is posting something constantly or for unnecessary reasons. In other words, please stay on topic with what goes on in the chatbox, and do not flood it with inappropriate comments.

    • Member or Site Complaints/Issues- Please keep these out of the chatbox. If a member or the site is rubbing you the wrong way, please contact/private message a staff member. If a moderator or administrator is an issue to you, please send me a private message. One of our main objectives here is to assure everyone is happy and having fun.

    • Cursing- Using swear words is alright as long as you are not using them aggressively towards another person. Also, do not use swear words too often in one chat. Doing such an action is rather unnecessary. Cursing at someone jokingly is alright, but only if the person you are cursing towards is okay with it. This does not give you the right to swear to them multiple times by any means. If there is clear sign that the person being cursed is not alright with what you are saying to them, please stop. Finally, do not swear if the people present in the CB at the time are not comfortable with it. Failure to follow these rules will result in some form.

    • Links- Linking members in the CB to other websites is okay as long as the websites fall under the following categories:

      - Video-hosting websites (Example: YouTube)
      - Image-hosting websites (Example: Photobucket)
      - Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)
      - Games that are not other Role-Playing forums

      If something in this list does not categorize something you have linked, you may post it as long as it is PG-14 or below. You will be messaged and warned if something you link is inappropriate.

    • Advertising- While linking is cool with us, advertising is not. Advertising here is obviously trying to get our members to go elsewhere, which we cannot accept. We will have an advertising forum for you to reveal your content to us and evaluate, if you want, but we will not tolerate this same content being posted elsewhere. Also, if you must advertise in the advertisement forum, make sure your content is PG-14.

    • Show Some Respect- Just be nice and polite, honestly. Nothing would make us happier if someone seemingly bright popped in and just gave everyone a reason to smile. We love these people. Welcome others, engage in conversation, make some friends, etc. Be kind, and staff will have no involvement with you.

    Forum Rules:

    • Language- Like the CB, English is our default language. Please do not write in any language aside from English in a topic/thread. Instead, if there is someone you know on the site that speaks and/or understands the language you wish to speak, send them a private message, or talk elsewhere. This is to prevent any confusion on our site.

    • Mature Content- This site is PG-14. Please do not detail any sex while role-playing. Instead, please write "fade to black" if in this sort of situation with your character. This will cover any sexual activity you and another character have from the moment it begins to the moment it ends. Do not post mature content excessively. I am sure you can find other ways to make topics around here. I also ask that you do not detail or post mature content on this site, in general, or else punishments will be given.

    • Dead Topics- A dead topic is a topic with no responses for three weeks (21 days). This does not apply to topics that only consist of one person. If you are not the original creator of a dead topic and see it, do not post in it if the last post was over three weeks ago.

    • Spamming- Do not post for inappropriate reasons or post constantly in one thread without another person taking a turn. On this site, there are chronological orders in threads. Please do not break this order. This rule does not apply to threads only meant for one member. A spam thread will be made for those who feel the need to do so. This also disallows threads being made under categories that they do not belong in.

    • Plagiarism- An obvious one. Do not copy content that is not yours for personal gain. There are sites and other online content for detecting plagiarism, so do not test us. If a staff member is suspicious of your work, your work will be evaluated. If caught plagiarizing, the plagiarism will be removed from the site. Additionally, you will be banned for a week. Doing this action and being caught a second time will result in a permanent ban.

    • Coding- This relates to the whole site, in general. Do not edit the coding used to display even the slightest part of this site. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.

    NOTE: Rules may be updated in case there are problems unlabelled in this thread. Unless stated otherwise in a particular rule, we have a four-strike-system here:

    1st Offense- Warning and/or Removing Evidence of Your Crime

    2nd Offense- Removing Evidence of Your Crime and 24-hour Ban

    3rd Offense- Removing Evidence of Your Crime and 7-day Ban

    4th Offense- Removal of Evidence and Permanent Ban.

    Golden Rule- Never argue with a staff member about their judgment(s). If a punishment given to you by a staff member seems unfair, you may send a private message to a staff member with more authority. The order of authority is as follows:

    Administrators > Moderators > Members

    NOTE: This does not mean moderators and/or administrators cannot be punished. They surely can.

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