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    The Story [WIP]


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    The Story [WIP]

    Post by Sora on Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:26 am

    We live in the world of the ONE Magic. Twenty years ago, this godlike power was grasped by two divine wizards. Their immeasurable power unleashed the ONE Magic's potential, and a new world was formed. This new universe was nameless, though the creation of it led to an interesting fact. You see, after the ONE Magic was activated, it disappeared, leaving Earth unaware of its existence and capabilities. On the contrary, while Earth has no knowledge of this world, this world also cannot acknowledge the existence of Earth.

    Because this new world marked the beginning of time for those literally living under the ONE Magic, since its discovery, this planet has been named "Genesis". Genesis contains no ordinary humans, but rather wizards only. Its landscapes are duplicates of Earth, meaning such places as Fiore exist identically located in Genesis. Most of Genesis' population lives in Fiore, though some of the most popular citizens are rumored to live elsewhere. Additionally, the vast majority of less-populated landscapes have yet to be populated.

    Over the span of a mere four months, the ONE Magic activated a second time, expanding the world of Genesis to an entire universe. Of course, life has yet to be discovered on these other planets, though the citizens (or wizards) of Earth's Genesis were surely more of a concern. You see, every wizard first-introduced to Genesis was unaware of their own magic. Some were lucky enough to learn it from their family or other relatives, while others were brutally experimented on to forcefully unleash the power within.

    The problems that occurred throughout Genesis were, and still are controlled by Pergrande Kingdom; one of the largest countries on the planet. Upon hearing news regarding the issues living inside wizards, guilds were created. These guilds would assemble multiple wizards under one group each, and were intended to help increase one's control over their magic. They would also learn about the meaning of companionship and adventure, along the way. Unfortunately, while Pergrande Kingdom released legal guilds to help this cause, there were dark intentions too. Illegal guilds were formed initially to cause havoc on those whom dark wizards believed brought pain to their lives. Instead of using controlled magic to support companionship and adventure in their guilds, dark wizards exposed insanity and sin to the world.

    Today, only three guilds exist in Genesis: Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale and Tartarus. Only a small amount of Genesis' wizards live within these buildings, though if controlled magic rates rise, these guilds are bound to surge in population. The future of these guilds depends on the actions of Genesis wizards. Will one side- legal or dark- prove to reign over the other? Will more guilds be discovered, or will some fall? This is all up to you, members of Fairy Tail Galaxy.

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