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    [1] Metal Magic [500J]


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    [1] Metal Magic [500J]

    Post by Admin on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:18 pm

    Name: Metal Magic

    Usage: Caster

    Element: Metal

    Description: Metal magic is a specialty magic used by some mages. This magic is closely related to Earth Magic in element. The main aspects of this magic is for their high powered defense and offensive spells. The magic itself is limited to the mage themselves, as well as a small area around them.

    Bonus: Defensive spells are twice as strong. Offensive spells are twice as effective to defensive spells. Some spells make last until destroyed.

    Weaknesses: The user can only make offensive or defensive spells. All metal takes three times as much damage from fire. Spells are NOT sustainable. Spells CANNOT be cancelled by the user.

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