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    [1] Pharaoh's Stone [500J]


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    [1] Pharaoh's Stone [500J]

    Post by Admin on Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:17 pm

    Name: Pharaoh's Stone

    Usage: Caster (Manipulation)

    Element: Earth

    Description: Pharaoh's Stone is a unique form of Earth Magic that utilizes the earth around the user themselves. The rocks often glow with a colored aura that matches the user's aura. This aura does not provide any light, and is used no more than simply identification purposes. When controlling a stone or rock, that object cannot be manipulated by other earth users. However, Pharaoh's Stone has been known to be able to control other Earth Caster Mage's rocks and earth after their spell is cast. This tactic is common with earth mages to maximize all of their power, as Pharaoh's Stone relies on materials to cast spells.

    Bonus: Can manipulate rocks created by other mages who are equal or lower in rank. (Spell must be cast before rocks can be controlled.)

    Weaknesses: All rocks take twice as much damage from water based attacks. Cannot create earth.

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