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    Role-Playing Rules


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    Role-Playing Rules

    Post by Sora on Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:58 pm

    While role-playing is most likely the greatest thing our site can offer, obviously, there are rules to assure fair game between all members/characters. Here are those rules:

    • Language- As mentioned in other rules, our default language is English. Please do not write in any other language than English while role-playing.

    • Creativity and Detail- Try and make some fine work while posting for role-play topics. We do not accept anything here that is less than one paragraph.

    • Waiting Time- Some people may take a longer time than others to respond to your posts. Therefore, if the member has not informed you or the public of his absence before 48 hours have passed after your post, you may skip him or her, and proceed onwards with the topic. This is only applicable to topics than hold more than two people. If you are with only one other person in the topic that happens to be this inactive, the topic is considered idle until that person returns. If the person fails to return to the topic in three weeks, the topic is considered dead.

      The only time this rule would apply to two characters is if the two are fighting. If you have posted, and your opponent has not responded for at least 48 hours, you may proceed onwards with whatever you were doing in your last post. If you were attempting to hit your opponent, and he or she becomes more than 48 hours inactive, the hit automatically connects.

    • In-Character Versus Out of Character- Do not act as if your character is you. Do not make use of the word "I" unless you are showing that your character is addressing himself or herself while talking to another character. Identify your character by "he" or "she". We encourage your character to have a gender, though if your character does not have a gender, use the word "it".  

    • Past Tense- Please make use of past tense while role-playing. This allows others to give responses to your actions if they happen to role-play with you. If in battle, please make use of the word "would" to give your opponent(s) a chance to respond, if possible.

      Example: Sora punched his opponent <-- This seems like an automatic hit, regardless of how fast the opponent is, giving him or her no chance to respond.

      Sora would try to punch his opponent as he would begin approaching him <--- This gives my opponent the opportunity to dodge, if possible, without a determined auto-hit.

    • Auto-hitting- This does not apply to you if you are in battle with a Non-Personal Character (NPC). If facing another member's character in battle, however, you cannot assume you will hit them with whatever move you pull. This is why past tense is helpful.

    • Jobs- Every character is advised to partake in a job at some point in time. Jobs are divided in ranks just like your character. In fact, if doing a job alone, your character can only partake in jobs equal to his or her rank. A character, unless B-Rank or above, can only participate in a job one rank higher than him or herself if accompanied by another character (only one). A character cannot apply for a job two ranks or higher than him or herself. Here is a scale that marks how great one rank is compared to the others:

      H > S > A > B > C > D

      If in a job, you are allowed to control the actions of possible NPCs (Non-Personal Characters) involved. However, while controlling these dangerous NPCs, at least give your own character a challenge please. Us staff members do not want to see a character absolutely destroy a controlled enemy like they were just a piece of dust from the beginning. If too abusive of this privilege, your job may not be approved, and edits may be required. This rule does not apply if NPCs involved were made harmless to begin with.

      Completing jobs will give you the following rewards based on rank:

      D-Rank= 100 EXP and 100 jewels

      C-Rank= 250 EXP and 250 jewels

      B-Rank= 500 EXP and 500 jewels

      A-Rank= 1000 EXP and 1000 jewels

      S-Rank= 1500 points and 1500 jewels

    • Ranking Up- While doing jobs, as shown above, you gain points. These points bring you one step closer to ranking up, if not on the spot. These points accumulate, so do not think that after ranking up, your points will be deleted, because they will not. In order to rank-up to one of the following ranks, you will need the following number of points:

      D-Rank to C-Rank: 700 points

      C-Rank to B-Rank: 2250 points

      B-Rank to A-Rank: 10,000 points

      A-Rank to S-Rank: 30,000 points

      The legendary H-Rank will only be granted to characters who have served three months helping other characters after achieving S-Rank.

      The only time you will have to spend points is if you are planning to create a custom guild. Points may be deducted based on punishments a particular member receives.

    • Threads- To make things more organized for members and staff, a character can only participate in a maximum of five threads at a time. This rule does not apply if there is a character event of some sort active at the time.

    • Death- Characters can be killed on this site, but only under certain circumstances. A character can only be killed by another character if the killer has a strong reason to have the victim killed. Please remember that the killer can also give other characters reason to kill them, as well upon the exposure of a death scene. Raids give all characters involved the risk of being killed. Do not complain if your character dies under either circumstance. There are reviving systems that will relieve you of your pain if your character is killed. If you wish to kill off your character, your new character must start fresh (D-Rank). This is to show that we do care about the loyalty/faithfulness you as a member show to your character(s).

    • Tags- When making a topic, be sure to give your topic a tag. This indicates what kind of topic you are participating in. Here are the following tags to represent what situations you may put yourself in while role-playing:

      [Public] - With this tag, your topic is open to the public, and anybody can join without an invite. Killing or friendly fighting are both permitted here, though no fade to black moments are allowed.

      [Private] - With this tag, your topic is invite-only. The creator of the topic/thread may invite people to their thread, and upon acceptance, be accompanied by another character. If a character is invited by you to join your thread, however, you are risking potential fights or even the death of your character.

      [Closed] - With this tag, you are indicating that your thread may contain mature content. This sort of thread does not contain any sort of fighting. Also, this tag indicates that the thread is invite-only.

      [Raid] - With this tag, you are indicating that an area is being attacked, with hopes of the location being destroyed. This puts any and all characters involved in this topic at risk of being killed, along with the possible destruction of the location in which the raid is occurring. A raid must include at least ten members, while a character can only participate in a raid once a month. If the location in which the raid is occurring happens to get destroyed, the sign (RUINED) will be added to the forum name next to the name of the location. For example, if a raid were to occur in Oak Town, and Oak Town was destroyed in the process, Oak Town's new forum name would be Oak Town (RUINED). If a location is ruined, there can be no involvement in the same location for a week. This rule does not apply to topics that were made in the same location prior to the raid. After the week has passed, the location will be fully repaired instantly.

      [Solo] - Self-explanatory. Using this tag means other members are unable to join your topic, while you are also disabled from inviting others to your topic.

      [Job] - Self-explanatory. Using this tag indicates that you are on a job. Please indicate whether or not you are with somebody on this job, as well.

      [NF] - This tag indicates that no fighting or killing can occur in the thread. However, in order for this tag to stay intact, members/characters involved in the thread must be on good terms with your character.

    These rules may be updated based on what the staff might see in future role-play topics.

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