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    Character Rules


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    Character Rules

    Post by Sora on Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:46 am

    Your Character

    While we recommend everyone use their imagination to create and make progress with their characters, there are rules that we want to see followed so things are fair:

    • Face Claim- You were born with a face, right? Well guess what? Your character must have one too! Face Claims are tools to determine what your character looks like. Please use a pre-existing anime character (not from the Fairy Tail anime or manga) to create your identity. Once you have claimed a face to use for your character, there will be a face claim list thread for you to give the following information about where you got your face claim from:

      Anime- What anime are they from?
      Name- What is the name of the anime character you are using for your face claim?

      So there are no complications, the usage of identical twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc is prohibited. Also, once a face claim is taken for a character, it cannot be used for another; even for another character the owner uses.

    • Meta-Gaming- This term is used for giving knowledge to your character that he or she would not otherwise know. For example, if you (out-of-character) know that someone is from the Fairy Tail guild, but your character does not, you cannot allow your character to suddenly know this fact.

    • God-Modding- This term has many meanings; all of which are prohibited from being displayed on this site. The first meaning is controlling other characters for personal gain. You can only control your character; not someone else's. The second is using whatever means to make your character look undefeatable. For example, you cannot claim that your character can dodge absolutely everything headed his way. Physically, everyone has their limits.

    • Sanity to Insanity- Unless your character has a reason to go dark in a certain situation, you cannot suddenly turn your character from someone who wants to watch the world grow to someone who wants to watch the world burn.

    • Rank- Every character holds a rank to determine how strong they are physically and magically. When creating a new character, that character starts at the lowest rank (D). This also applies to alternative characters, no matter how strong your main character is in rank.

    • Starting Off- When your character is approved, he or she is to start off in the location home to their guild. Guilds will be mentioned in the descriptions of named locations in Fiore to make this situation clear. If your character is guildless, he or she can start off anywhere in Earthland.

    • Custom Guilds- Custom guilds can only be made when the planner of that guild has reached B-Rank, at least. Doing so will cost 5000 jewels, so make sure you are consistently active if you wish to create your own guild. If you create your own guild, you will be immediately removed (unless guildless beforehand) from the guild you were in prior to the creation of your custom guild, while your character's next location will be forced into the location that is home to your custom guild, to start. A member may only have one custom guild. A member can only be part of one custom guild. In order for a custom guild to be approved, a member must have four other members accompanying him or her in the project.

    • Travelling- Making topics between towns is optional. Here on Fairy Tail Galaxy, we do not care if you suddenly pop from one location to another. However, if you do so, your character's involvement within another town(s) must be finished beforehand. The exception to this rule is doing the following:

      If I have travelled from the City of Magonlia to Oak Town, rather than finishing all topics in other towns, I can simply describe in my Oak Town thread how I have travelled from Magnolia to Oak Town successfully, and why.

      We prohibit characters from having more than one topic in the same city or town at once for the sake of adventure. For example, I cannot say that my character is at a bar and an amusement park in the same time period without finishing one of the two topics mentioned.

    These rules may be updated if possible problems not mentioned in this topic are seen with a character(s).

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